Reasons Why Your Next Computer Should Be A Laptop

Back in the day, laptops were big and heavy and there wasn’t much of a performance difference compared to desktop computers. With changing times, laptops and computers now both have their distinct pros and cons. In this article, we will list down reasons why a laptop should be your choice when you buy your next computer.

Better Resale Value

Laptops often have greater resale value than desktops. Even old laptops in decent working condition can get a better resale price. Laptops come with ease of mobility when reselling; it even makes it easier for potential buyers to figure out logistics.


The sole reason for many people to opt for a laptop instead of a desktop computer is that laptops are portable. Carrying the laptop to different rooms, or even outside the house to a coffee shop is barely inconvenient. Other portability perks – like watching a movie in bed, working in the kitchen while making a cup of coffee, gathering at a friend’s place to finish a project – can help you finish your tasks with mobility and ease.

Save On Space

One of the key aspects of owning a laptop is all the space it helps you save. With a computer, comes a desk and many other accessories that take up space. This space can instead be dedicated to something else.

Save On Energy

Laptops consume far less energy than desktop PCs. Whether you’re concerned about the environment or just want to keep the electricity bill at bay, a laptop can help you reduce your energy footprint.

Better Screens

Laptop screens, when compared to desktop monitors, are far more superior in terms of quality and technology. The colors of the laptop screen look more real and deliver a crisp picture.

Well Equipped

In case you decide to go for a desktop, you will end up spending a lot more on various necessary accessories like webcam, mouse, keyboard, speakers etc. With a laptop, you get everything with one screen. Considering its mobility and portability, laptops are known to be more equipped than desktops.

Easy-Access USB

The USB ports on a laptop are easy to reach, unlike the ones on a CPU of a desktop. You might have to lift or move wires, stretch muscles, move to the back of the desktop in order to reach the USB ports.

Always On-hand

The development of laptop models has seen them getting smaller and lighter by the day. They can now be literally carried to any place without much effort. Being able to carry it in a bag, also makes working while traveling convenient.