Silent Warning Signs Your House Has A Major Plumbing Problem

We often tend to recognize we have a plumbing problem with the sound of a continuously dripping faucet or running toilet. Is it possible to identify a potential plumbing emergency when it doesn’t make a sound? Yes, it is! Here are some of the silent warning signs that your house might have a plumbing issue and you should deal with it before it turns into a disaster: 

Stained Pipes

Whenever you visit the basement or the kitchen sink, take a persistent look at your pipes to check for any signs of staining around the joints. If you spot one, this is a strong sign of moisture build-up in your pipes. The discoloration could be due to constant dripping from the drain line or the sink, or a slow leak from the supply line. If it’s a slow leak, you should get it fixed immediately before it leads to something serious.

Sewer Stink

If you smell a disgusting sewer odor in your house, it could be because a drain trap has run dry or a vent line has cracked. While a dry trap can be fixed by refilling it with water, tracking a cracked sewer vent can be challenging. A sewer vent is enclosed in a wall and requires a drywall operation to find & repair. You can begin by examining any signs of leaks in the dry trap. If not, hire a professional to get the vent fixed. 

Slow Drain

One of the major plumbing problems are slow drains. The intensity of the problem can range from just a clog near the drain to an issue deep inside the sewer line that might require considerable winding to clear. While a simple clog is a DIY fix, if you’re experiencing slow drains all over the house, it is a clear indication of a major plumbing problem that requires immediate attention. 

Bubbling Wall or Ceiling Paint

If you notice the paint on your wall bubbling or formation of brown spots on your ceiling, it is time to get to the root cause. This often is a sign of moisture and the most common cause is a leak in the roof or plumbing system.