Three Compelling Reasons To Switch To Bottled Water

Though bottled water isn’t exactly healthier than tap water, there are quite a few reasons to switch to it. If you are in the habit of reaching for a fizzy drink or soda when you’re thirsty, getting a case of bottled water to keep in your fridge is a great way to stay hydrated the right way. Here are three reasons you should make the switch to bottled water. You will end up drinking a lot more water: Staying hydrated is key to keeping vital systems like circulation and digestion in good working condition. Besides, it can relieve headaches, dry mouth and improves focus and concentration. Our body often sends us signals that we are thirsty but trying to quench that thirst with soda isn’t going to help. Bottled water is a lazy person’s alternative to staying hydrated throughout the day. It’s convenient, easy to grab and unlike that can of soda, is actually good for you. You can choose some interesting flavors: Water is tasteless and while this doesn’t bother some people, it can be a deterrent to keep drinking it. If you like a little something extra in your bottled water, you can choose from a wide range of flavoring agents. Keep in mind that some flavoring agents contain trace amounts of sugar. Always check the nutrition label at the back of the bottle. You get a dash of electrolytes: Electrolytes are minerals that conduct electricity when combined with water. They aid muscle function and rebuild damaged tissue. Our bodies lose a lot of electrolytes through perspiration especially when it’s hot or when we exercise. Many brands of bottled water add electrolytes to the bottle, so when you drink the water, you replenish your body’s stores and feel refreshed.