A guide to destroying dry rot in your tires

Dry Rot occurs when a tire starts to look damaged or cracked in patches. This is the result of the compounds that make up the rubber in your tire succumbing to a natural process of decay. Dry Rot is often common on vehicles that aren’t used too often and are exposed to the sun for long periods. UV light speeds up the decay process and damages the tire, making it brittle. Dry Rot can be dangerous because a brittle tire is quite likely going to explode and can be fatal especially if the blowout occurs while the car is in use. Usually, people associate dry rot with the death knell for that tire but don’t worry. With these handy tips, you can treat it yourself. All you need are some easy to procure tools. Assemble your materials: You will need a hosepipe, large and clean sponges and rags made of a good fabric that won’t tear or wear out, a Tire Protector Product (water-based) from a reputable brand and a Tire Degreaser (water-based). Water-based products are kinder to the natural compounds that make up a tire and if your tires have dry rot, they need all the tender loving care you can give them. Remove the Tires: Jack up the car and remove tires from the wheel. Dry rot also affects the tire wall on both sides of the tire so taking the wheel of the car gives you the ability to see what you’re working with. Make sure you do this on a lawn or driveway since you’re going to be making a mess. This is not an undertaking that can take place in a garage since there’s going to be a lot of water runoff. Inspect the Tire: Identify which areas need the most work. This will ensure that you don’t waste the protector product by splashing it all over the tire. Use a tire degreaser: Prepare the tire surface for the protector product by first using a tire degreaser. Instructions on the packaging vary but broadly speaking, you need to pour some of the Degreaser product onto a clean sponge and give the tire wall a good rub down, focusing on the parts with the most damage. Put your back into it and work in this product because tires are famously hard and resistant. Rinse thoroughly:  Wipe the tires down with a clean rag. Take your time with this and go over it two or three times. Then, spray the tire down using lukewarm or cool water. Continue rubbing down with rags until the Degreaser product and dirt and grime is off the tire. Leave the tire out to dry completely before the next stage. Protect – After the tire is dry, apply the tire Protector product by wiping it onto the tire or spraying it on. Do this all over the tire wall. A tire sealant can be used to slow down the process of decay and ensure your tires live out their tread time.